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ITM Brings Producers and Freelancers Together

Launches a unique one stop-service website for production studios requiring freelance artists.


London, England - Monday 13th August 2007 - ITM Creatives, the artistic division of talent agency, International Talent Management (ITM), announces the launch of The website's bespoke search tool enables producers to search for freelance artists, animators and related technicians by location, profession and availability. The result of the search then permits access to an individual's show reel, imdb listing and resume with a click of a button.

ITM Creatives offers the best in freelance talent because it operates across the three primary entertainment fields; interactive entertainment, feature film and television. ITM's clients include; Ramon Rivero, the former Motion Capture Studio Director and Performance Animation Supervisor on "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", the man who trained actor, Andy Serkis ("Gollum").

ITM employs a rare business model that separates it from others. It does not and will not ever charge the hiring company ('the production studio') for using its services (right from contacting them to hiring the talent). ITM's income comes from the low and appropriate commission charged to its clients ('the talent') as part of their agency representation. This representation includes the care of each freelancer's long-term career development.

ITM's business model and website hopes to set a benchmark for other talent agencies operating in the same industries and will force many to reassess their unethical and/or unsustainable practices.

About International Talent Management (ITM)

ITM is a London-based talent agency headed by Max Meltzer. ITM represents internationally-located freelance artists, animators and related technicians across the interactive entertainment, feature film and television industries. Its business model is based on representing talent over the long-term and managing their career development and supporting it with top legal protection. A commission is charged to the talent represented rather than the company wishing to hire such talent. ITM stresses it's a talent agency not a recruitment agency and one of the very first to operate in the interactive entertainment industry.

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