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Italian Videogame Developers Conference

Italian games industry on the rise and looking for new talent.

Milan, October 14th, 2008 – While the rest of the world is worrying about international economy, there’s a field that, on the contrary, is experiencing an actual boom: the videogame industry. During 2007, the Italian videogame industry had a 39% increase, in fact going beyond a billion euro of total sales. And, in 2008, it’s expected to do even better. The only problem is finding skilled and qualified people for the job.

In order to meet these requirements, and to give to young and qualified people the great chance to enter the videogame industry, the date to save is Saturday, November 22nd, at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference (IVDC), in Milan, at the Assago DatchForum, in the Ludica/Ludic@rena event, the Game and Videogame Festival.

IVDC (, the first and only Italian developers conference, organized by AIOMI - the Italian Association for Videogame Culture, will be the place where companies and specialized workers in the field will meet.

A “DEV BOX” created by AIOMI will give the wannabe videogame developers the chance to leave their curricula and portfolios, which will then be sent to all the Italian companies that are IVDC’s partners.

Milestone, the Italian leader software house, will be there all day long, with a recruitment area in order to find new workers for the company (graphic designers, programmers and game designers).

Luisa Bixio, Chief Executive Officer of Leader S.p.A., leading game publisher and distributor in Italy, will talk during IVDC press conference, on Friday, November 21st 2008 at 11.00 a.m. and at the round table that will be held on Saturday, at the end of the congress.

The program of the IVDC is available online, at:

AIOMI (Italian Association for Videogame Culture) is an organization instituted for the preservation, protection, diffusion and promotion of Videogame as a social and cultural medium. AIOMI gave birth to IVDC, the only National congress of Italian videogame developers.

Ludic@rena, The Italian Videogames Fair, takes place from November 21st to 23rd at the DatchForum of Assago (Mi). Ludic@rena is the meeting place of every gamer, netgamer, fan or simply game enthusiast. On schedule: Lan Party, free tournaments, prize-giving ceremonies, a modding area and many presentations of the latest products.

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