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IT Manager III: Unseen Forces

Business sim from Intel that "taps into the rich vein of humour that" (apparently) "runs through the IT culture".

Intel is excited to announce the launch of IT Manager III: Unseen Forces: where you can go from being an IT manager of a small business to the ultimate dream position of being CTO of a global enterprise.

This new IT simulation game brings to light the benefits of Intel technologies to IT decision makers, while entertaining them at the same time. Whether they want to unwind after a long day of office frustrations, engage in some friendly competition with a community of their peers or even enhance their IT knowledge, IT Manager III: Unseen Heroes gives them the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to be an IT superhero.

The aim of the game is for players to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a fictitious company by applying special powers to a fleet of PCs, laptops and servers. At the same time, players must keep on top of a never-ending stream of high-tech hiccups that threaten their business’s bottom line. Successful players will find their IT department and company both expand, leading to even greater challenges.

“IT Manager III: Unseen Forces is a great way for IT managers to have fun when they have a spare moment.” says Ketevan Rogava, EMEA Internet Marketing Manager at Intel. “It gives players with big ambitions the ability to take control of their own company and make sure their office runs like clockwork.”

The game knowingly taps into the rich vein of humour that runs through the IT culture and plays on this to keep the player coming back for more. Employees in need of IT support explain their issues in lay language that’s often quite obtuse for instance someone with a faulty monitor might ask, “What’s wrong with my work telly?” Employees also have a ‘bozon’ count that measures their level of technical naivety. Special rewards include an ‘attitude adjustment tool’ and an Order of the Reboot medal.

Developers can incorporate high scores and player profiles into their own websites, by using the code snippets available. The game has also been localised into twelve languages and deployed as a Facebook application.

Play the game at

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