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Issue 7 of The Escapist is a Classic!

The Online Magazine of Gamer Culture Discusses Classic Gaming

For Immediate Release

Durham, NC - August 23, 2005 -Issue 7 of The Escapist (, "Classical Studies," is now available. Prominent writers such as Pat Miller, Jim Rossignol ( and Allen Varney ( discuss topics ranging from the influence of Bungie's Marathon to the Silver Age of interactive fiction.

Critics have hailed The Escapist as the "New York Times Magazine of gaming" (, "a very progressive, ambitious online magazine" ( that "had more interesting commentary in the first issue than in all the gaming print magazines in the U.S. combined last month." (

The Escapist runs weekly with a main edition published on Tuesday and a weekend extra edition on Friday. Articles and columns in issue 7 include:

Julianne Greer: Editor's Note - Why Wrecking Crew is still memorable three generations of consoles later. Julianne Greer introduces the seventh issue of The Escapist, Classical Studies.

Pat Miller: From '94 to Infinity - Before Halo took the gaming world by storm, developer Bungie was refining its style on a similar series. Pat Miller looks at Marathon, a classic trilogy ahead of its time.

Jim Rossignol: My Education - Everyone needs a formal education, but how does a gamer learn the tricks of the trade? By playing games, of course. Jim Rossignol reflects on the inspirational teachers of his past.

Allen Varney: >Read Game - Though only a brief part of mainstream gaming, Infocom's text adventures remain among the most clever and evocative gaming experiences for those that played them. Allen Varney looks at these classics, and the people that continue to create them.

Chris Dahlen: Planescape Torment - Ask a dozen developers what the greatest RPG ever created was, and you'll always find Planescape:Torment on the list. Chris Dahlen reflects on the story of this critical success, but commercial failure.

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About the Escapist

The Escapist covers gaming and gamer culture with a progressive editorial style, with articles and columns by the top writers in and outside of the industry. A weekly publication, its magazine-style updates offer content for a mature audience of gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, industry insiders, and other "NetSet" readers. Each issue, The Escapist explores a central theme. Tuesday's main publish address head-on the topics relevant to gamers, while the weekend extra, Casual Friday, explores the lighter side of these heavy issues.

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