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ISOTX - Iron Grip: Lords of War

New name and further beta plans unveiled for browser game.

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2nd of November, 2010 - Today ISOTX, the developer of the award winning Iron Grip series, announced the renaming of one of their featured browser games, Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia. The new name is Iron Grip: Lords of War, and introduces compatibility options with the social media site Facebook. Now open for beta, Lords of War is expected to offer 500 new tester positions. This release honors the culmination of an 18 month development period in which new concepts were tested, balance was improved, and the gameplay itself has been enriched. Lords of War also opens the opportunity to explore other segments of the Iron Grip world, expanding possibilities for stories and advancement well beyond the boundaries of just Atelia.

“We started out with just developing Atelia, but as our Universe expanded we decided to broaden the settings of Lord of Atelia and make available more factions of the game as we keep adding content. Our users now will be able to discover enigmatic new lands previously unexplored in Iron Grip titles, more diverse game experiences and vast possibilities for extended game-play,” commented ISOTX Creative Director Vincent van Geel.

The new release includes the following features:

A brand new layout, new logo, unique art and brighter, more exciting colors. To see the new website go to: www.iglords.com Facebook Compatibility: Users can now log into Lords of War through their Facebook accounts with a single sign-on Smart Login: Visiting the website as a return user will now send you straight to the login page, while first-timers are offered registration A more diverse environment for playing with friends: Band together to form an Alliance with unique roles or pay respect to help those who help you. You can even put bounties out on opponents!

As with its first incarnation, Lords of War is free-to-play straight from your browser, with no downloads required. Continuing the tradition of all past ISOTX products, Iron Grip: Lords of War offers 100% fun, free of charge, while only premium features are to be priced.

Visit us on Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/iron-grip-lords

For more information please go to: www.iglords.com


ISOTX, is the upcoming online video game company that created Iron Grip, an alternate, rich and unique universe besieged by an ever-spreading war. The first title in the series, a Half-Life 2 mod called Iron Grip: The Oppression, quickly became an indie hit and the base for the development of following commercial titles that take place within the Iron Grip Universe. With a fan base of over 150,000, ISOTX has continued introducing games such as Iron Grip: Warlord, Iron Grip: Lords of War and Iron Grip: Marauders, thereby expanding the everlasting possibilities of the Iron Grip gaming experience. www.isotx.com ;

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