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Isle of Man Government courts videogames industry

The Government of the Isle of Man is targeting the videogames industry as part of new plans designed to encourage more businesses to set up shop on the island.

A Government representative attended this week's Game Developers Conference in a bid to meet with games professionals and inform them about the initiatives.

The Isle of Man recently announced plans to abolish its general corporate tax rate with effect from April 2006. In addition, the Government is offering grant packages of up to 40 per cent to help offset the cost of moving, setting up operations and acquiring new office equipment.

More than USD 90 million has been invested in the Island's telecommunications infrastructure over the past five years. Part of this funding went towards setting up Europe's first Super Fast (HSPDA) 3G network, two self-healing fiber rings connecting the island to the UK and Ireland, 100 per cent broadband coverage and free ADSL and ISDN connections available for both businesses and individuals.

"We look forward to meeting with members of the computer games industry and discussing the benefits of doing business in the Isle of Man," commented the Government's E-Business director, Tim Craine.

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