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Islands of Wakfu

Goodness gracious great balls of, er, Wakfu.

Islands of WAKFU is a beat’em up which can played either in single-player or co-op mode (two players using one console). Its gameplay focuses on the cooperation of the two playable characters: Nora an Eliatrope who can teleport to inflict devastating combos in close combat and Efrim, a dragon who is able to fly and shoot balls of WAKFU at his enemies. These two characters are linked “for better or for worse” since they share the same life bar! Efrim can control the blue Platypus, who will help them solve numerous puzzles.

This game, which has extraordinary depth for a downloadable game, will be sold for 800

Microsoft® Points.


A journey which takes place across 14 levels

A hybrid between a beat ‘em up, a shoot ‘em up and an adventure game

Immersion into a rich, mythological world

2 playable characters who complement each other with their skills

An impressive, original co-op mode

A dynamic, never-seen-before fighting style

2 difficulty modes, including a Goddess mode which makes the game accessible for everyone

12 achievements which unlock content in the online game DOFUS and, later on, WAKFU, as well as two Xbox LIVETM avatar rewards.

Florence Di Ruocco

Press officer

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