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Islamic-law game ratings launched at Dubai World Game Expo

Entertainment Software Rating Association provides Muslim value alternative system

Index Holding, a middle eastern conglomerate, has announced the launch of the Entertainment Software Rating Association – an Islamic values alternative to other games rating systems.

Age brackets will be divided as six, 12, 15, 18 and 25. The system will rate according to violent and sexual content, as well as the promotion of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Sexual diversity was also listed as a topic to be considered under the system.

"The approach of Islam is based on Human being innateness - Al Fitra, and the most important innate trends are truth, virtue, benevolence, excellence tendency, innovation and creativity," said Dr. Behrouz Minaei – managing director of the Iranian National Foundation of Computer Games.

"That's why we made sure that ESRA team are proficient in these areas; religion, psychopathology, educational psychology, social psychology, sociology of the family, family sociology, emotional psychology, family therapy and educational technology."

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