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Is Diabolik Stealing Artematica's Plans?

After the exciting and fascinating DRUUNA, the amusing adventures of TOMMY & OSCAR and the famous detective of impossible MARTIN MYSTERE, we are really pleased to announce that one of the most renowned, historic and highly successful comics character as ever will soon become the protagonist of a new video game.

Born in 1962 of Giussani sisters' fertile imagination, Diabolik and his partner Eva have become the protagonists of cartoons, films, advertising, spots, songs, gadgets and whatever else. Available for PC platform and console, Artematica's Diabolik will be a very innovative graphic adventure, completely real-time and really faithful to the character!

Riccardo Cangini, Artematica's MD, remarks "we are enthusiastic about being able to work on such a 'powerful' character as Diabolik; it is from the time of Simulmondo* that we have been wishing to carry out a game of profound impact and high quality, a video game that is successfully coming true thanks to the experience gained with previous adventures, with the help of new technologies and especially with the support of the publishing house Astorina and that of its staff whose help it turning simply...diabolik!

*Simulmondo was the first Italian software house

Artematica Srl - e-mail: Chiavari - Italy

Artematica Entertainment, from over 9 years one of the most active Italian firms in developing video games, boasts a series of successes that made it to be known at an international level; among its most renowned games besides I PLAY 3D SOCCER (the first 3D soccer game in the world), are DRUUNA MORBUS GRAVIS (winner of Lucca Comics prize), MARTIN MYSTERE (winner of Il Grillo prize), I PLAY 3D BILLIARDS, TOMMY & OSCAR and the forthcoming DUCATI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

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