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Feel the finger burn.

iRunner tests your pace, skill and determination of your body, mind and FINGERS … that’s right! Give your fingers an extremely good stretch because you’re going to find yourself breaking pain barriers and world records when you take on the world in 4 different events!

• 100 Meter Sprint

o The 100 Meter Sprint is the fastest event in iRunner. Your style of running plays a huge part in how fast you go so practice in training mode to fine tune your stride. You have to get your fingers moving for this one to keep up with the best!

• 100 Meter Hurdles

o The 100 Meter Hurdles steps up the skill level by challenging you to pump your fingers as fast as you can but with the added obstacles of hurdles. If you run into any hurdles you will lose speed and have to try extra hard to get back in the race! Timing is everything with this event.

• 300 Meter Beach Circuit

o The 300 Meter Beach Circuit is a tough one. You are pushed to your limits as you struggle through the burn on the beach. When your fingers start to fatigue your going to have to dig deep and step the pace up. On top of this you will need to avoid objects such as surfboards, beach balls, buckets and spades, logs, rocks and many more …

• 300 Meter Mountain Circuit

o The 300 Meter Mountain Circuit throws everything at you. This rugged track has many obstacles that can be major setbacks if you don’t keep your wits about you. Everyone tackles this circuit differently. You will need to find which approach to take in order to win this event!

• Training ( also included )

Start off with some training to get your stride and running style right then move onto 1 of 4 different events to see if you can be the best! Your time is recorded locally automatically when you beat your own high score but you also have the option to upload each score online to win big prizes!

Some of the monthly prizes consist of: (

• Desktop Computer

• Laptop Computer

• Deluxe Massage Chair

• SVGA Projector

• 50" Plasma TV

• iPhone - ( Even though you should have one already! )

• PlayStation 3 - Console

• Xbox 360 - Console

• 32" LCD TV

• Projector

• SLR Camera

• 320GB Hard Drive High Definition< Set Top Box

• 28" Widscreen LCD Monitor

• Digital Camcodrer

• Nintendo Wii - Console

• Nintendo DS Lite - Console

• PlayStation Portable - Console

• PlayStation 2 - Console

• Guitar Hero : World Tour

• 2 x PS3 Wireless Console Controller's

• PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii - SingStar (newest volume for the month)

• Portable GPS Navigation System

• Portable DVD Player

• iPod Nano

• iPod Touch

• Digital Camera

The Monthly Competition sees you challenge the rest of the world each month for first place. Download the current leaders fastest time record and go head to head to see if you can beat it. You can also download the overall fastest score for each event and see if you can hold a world record!

Can you match it with these current winners? ... only way to find out is to grab a copy of iRunner from the app store to show everyone how fast you are with your fingers to win huge prizes.

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