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Ironstone Partners Secure Exclusive Global Deal With Rebellion To Bring 80's Classics Into The Modern Mobile Games Space!

London, March 2005 - Ironstone Partners have signed an exclusive global deal with Rebellion allowing them to bring old favourites from the 8-bit era out of the past and into the present mobile games space.

The exclusive signing will see three of the best loved games from the 1980's, Uridium, Nebulus and Paradroid re-launched onto the gaming scene in mobile form. These well loved games from an era long past still retain their joie de vivre and allow us to peek back to a time when they burst forth onto the scene, each ground breaking in its own way 20 years ago.

Paradroid was the first of the three titles and was launched on the Commodore 64 in 1985. Set far into the future, in a galaxy far away this games appeal was centred around its original graphics, exiting and fast paced game play, smooth 8 way scrolling, alpha blended explosions and intelligent enemy droids. This original shoot'em up, action packed Hewson title created an unparalleled buzz that has without question secured its place in 8-bit history.

Uridium was the next release and was a fast, horizontally scrolling, action-packed, shoot-´em-up game also set in the future. It was first launched onto the gaming scene in 1986 for the revolutionary C64 and its release had a huge impact and received fantastic reviews and multi-million sales figures. Its success was primarily due to its ground breaking graphics and fresh new moves, all of which were brand new to the action genre at the time.

Nebulus (a.k.a Tower Toppler) was introduced in 1987 and like Paradroid and Uridium received much applause and sale figures to match its reputation. This game also created for the C64 involved original 3D game play and is well remembered as one of the best platform games ever. Nebulus not only captured gamers imagination with its intricate yet simple game play but it offered rotational 3D scrolling, great graphics and was quite simply addictive.

With exciting plans for the rejuvenation of these old Hewson classics, Ironstone Partners and Rebellion are working together to allow old and new fans alike the chance to relive the glory days of the 8-bit era.

'Rebellion is delighted to be working with Ironstone on breathing new life into our Hewson 'golden age of gaming' back catalogue.' Says Jason Kingsley from Rebellion 'Ironstone have some exciting projects in hand and together we will bring some of the best titles to a new generation of game players, and remind a few older gamers just how challenging some of the old games were.'

'We are extremely pleased to be working with Rebellion on their licensed titles.' States Paul Gouge CEO of Ironstone Partners. 'The classic C64 titles complement the current wave of mobile handsets and we are sure they will prove to be huge hits with today's gamers.

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About Ironstone partners

Ironstone Partners is a UK based licensing and intellectual property creation company. With offices in London and Manchester, UK. Ironstone is focussed on the development of compelling content for the games, toy and wider media industries.www.ironstonepartners.com


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Ironstone Partners

E-mail: rebecca.gibson@ironstonepartners.com

About Rebellion

UK-based computer games super developer Rebellion was established in 1991 by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley. Rebellion has developed such games as double BAFTA-nominated Aliens Vs Predator for 20th Century Fox on the PC, which was launched to worldwide acclaim in 1999 and reached the number one slot in games charts throughout the world.

Recent games include World War Zero, Delta Force: Urban Warfare, Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf.

In June 2000 Rebellion purchased 2000 AD and its entire character portfolio. In November 2003, Rebellion launched Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC CD-ROM and GameCube to universal acclaim.



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