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The fast growing publisher Black Bean today announced that the tank simulation Iron Warriors: T72 Tank Command has gone gold. The title fuses an immensely detailed physics and ballistics engine with the ability to man multiple stations within your T72 as well as command a whole platoon of other vehicles and infantry.

The scalable realism in Iron Warriors makes it a simulation that is accessible by all gamers. From more arcade style control of just the weapons system to total simulation choosing your ammunition type and setting target ranges.

Iron Warriors: T72 Tank Command really hits the target out of the box and with regular updates and exclusive content downloads for registered users this is the tank simulation that just keeps on rolling!

Iron Warriors: T72 Tank Command launches across Europe at the end of March 2006.

Iron Warriors features:

+ Intuitive controls allow players to be the driver, gunner and commander of their tank

+ Command a full platoon of vehicles and infantry

+ Fine-tune levels of realism to suit experience

+ Destructible terrain, see the damage you cause!

+ Full ballistics and armour physics for the most realistic tank experience ever!

+ Day/night cycles and dynamic weather create diverse tactical options

+ Play over LAN in thrilling combat scenarios

+ Use the mission editor to create new content and then share it with the community!

For further information

Livio Cantagallo - Italy

tel: +39 0332 874 329


David Halse - UK

Tel: +44 1372 822 842


About Lago/Black Bean. Black Bean is the games label of Lago Srl, which is part of the Leader Group. Leader SpA has been the leading independent distributor in Italy since it started business in 1984. Leader is based in Gazzada (Varese) which is situated 30 miles north of Milan in northern Italy. Black Bean philosophy is to focus on a wide range of games genre leveraging on the niche targets that remain uncovered into the market. By adding original content to the products and by fully localising the titles Black Bean's vision is to remain close to player's needs. Black Bean has distribution partners all across Europe and PAL territories including Australia and South Africa.

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