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Iron Grip: Warlord

Budget indie RTS/FPS launched onto Steam.

GREECE – 5 May, 2010 – Isotx, Inc. announced today the long-awaited release of Iron Grip: Warlord on Steam, making the title more accessible to players world-wide. The platform availability means that players will be able to communicate in and out of game, connect with other people interested in the title; new features like the long-requested voice chat and leaderboard as well as achievements will be added in the distant future.

The release comes with a 20% discount to all players purchasing the title through Steam, from the already low price of $9.95. The 20% discount also applies to a 4 pack bundle of Iron Grip: Warlord – fans have the option to buy the game for themselves, or as the game was meant to be played – with friends!

“I’ve been using Steam for ages, and I’m stoked about Warlord being on the same platform as other awesome games like Left4Dead, Mass Effect, and Borderlands. We all use Steam here at Isotx, so this release is huge,” community manager Monique said of the launch. Like many game fans, Monique has had a Steam account for years.

“We’re eager to host community events with Steam as a basis – the new features that this platform offers us will definitely make them all the more fun for everyone involved.”

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About Warlord

Iron Grip: Warlord is a budget indie title released in late 2008. It features a unique hybrid RTS/FPS gameplay with both single-player and multiplayer co-op levels. Players fill the shoes of Atelian warriors and defend their cities from on onslaught offense by the Confederate army. Outnumbered significantly, players must rely on their wits and skills to survive by building defensive structures (RTS) and using a wide-spread arsenal of weapons (FPS). With several difficulty options, randomized AI assault patterns, and complex levels, the firefights are uniquely intense; no battle is the same, and nothing is ever easy.

Find out more about the game at its official website, http://igwarlord.com.

About Isotx

Isotx is known for its innovative titles, like the Iron Grip universe (including the new browser game Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia, free to play at http://iglords.com!) and the MidEast Crisis series. When looking at Isotx as a company, one thing becomes clear, we love building games and taking design risks. Isotx is experimenting with ways to mutate the current game genres into new styles of game-play.

To learn more about Isotx, please visit http://www.isotx.com.

Connect with Isotx

Twitter: http://twitter.com/isotx

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/isotxinc

Company Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Isotx-Inc/222538519246

And make sure to join the newly formed Warlord community on Steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/games/igwarlord!

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