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IRON GRIP Tournament Coming To The UK

Milton Keynes, October 8th, 2007. Gamers in and around Milton Keynes have a chance to compete in the UK's first computer game tournament to feature the unique new Iron Grip universe.

The UK Lan Party has organised a PC Gaming tournament, which takes place at the York House Youth Centre in Milton Keynes on the 12th - 14th October.

The tournament will feature a multiplayer competition using Iron Grip: The Oppression - a unique new game which blends two of the world's favourite PC gaming genres - the first person shooter and real-time strategy - into one entirely new experience.

ISOTX, the company behind Iron Grip: The Oppression are providing prizes for the winners of the two competitions featuring the game. Amazon vouchers for $100 and $250 are up for grabs for the winners of the two rounds featuring Iron Grip.

Iron Grip: The Oppression is a total conversion modification or 'mod', which takes an existing game and creates something entirely new. Iron Grip uses the hugely popular 'Half Life 2' game engine to create an entirely new style of gameplay.

Players can choose to compete on one of two sides. The first, known as 'Rahmos' is an oppressive regime, where players must maintain their dominance over a rebellious population. This part of the game is played as 'real-time strategy', in which players look at the action from above and control multiple groups of solider and weaponry in order to defeat the rebels.

The second part of the game is played from the resistance point-of-view. This takes the form of a 'first person shooter', where the multiple players see through the players eyes and go into combat against the tyrannical Rahmos and his/her troops, to gain their freedom.

This combination of genres is something new within the gaming world. No mainstream game for PC or console has yet managed to blend two such distinct styles of gameplay into one title.

Suzie Fleming, the Community Manager of ISOTX, the company which created Iron Grip, said, "We're delighted to be bringing the world's first official Iron Grip competition to the UK with the UK Lan Party. Iron Grip offers gamers something quite new and different with it's combination of different genres and gameplay. We're confident gamers in the UK will enjoy the game and we're looking forward to seeing them in Milton Keynes later this month.

To find out more information about the tournament, to book a place or contact the organisers, visit: http://www.uklp.net/index.php?mmsel=3&eventID=44

For more information on Iron Grip: The Oppression, the Iron Grip universe and to see more material on this unique new gaming experience, visit www.isotx.com




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