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Iron Grip: Marauders

Get an iron grip on your mouse for this browser-based strategy.

Full on 3D gameplay through the browser delivered by a Frankenstein-esque melding of a rich SBBG (Strategy Based Browser Game) interface with the Unity 3D game engine.

UTRECHT, The Netherlands – 18 January 2011 – Today, ISOTX, developer of the award winning Iron Grip series, announced the release of their much anticipated browser title, Iron Grip: Marauders. In keeping with the ISOTX tradition of radical experimentation, the free-to-play Marauders offers a true 3D battle experience in a turn-based format. This new type of game play, together with the characteristic style of the Iron Grip series makes it one of the most innovative browser games in the genre.

The story of Iron Grip

Jump into the unforgiving world of Iron Grip: Marauders as you scrape together resources to build armies and battle opponents to expand your territories.

In the land of Kathos, an aristocratic country caught up in internal conflict, the strain and turmoil has finally reached a boiling point. The troops of the occupying Rahmos faction have moved to the southern border in expectation of a pending war with the Fahrong; leaving entire regions unprotected. The action has attracted the attention of marauders: mercenary pirates whose ranks range from highly trained ex-military men to common thieves.

As captain of a pirate airship, players roam the vast regions of Kathos in search of settlements to loot. The captured settlements are easily turned into pirate strongholds which provide additional building and training options in the game. From their headquarters in the sky, gamers can strategically plan their army’s size and composition. By researching new technologies, stronger units can be trained and new structures created.


Marauder captains settle their disputes one-on-one in a 3D battle map. The use of this innovative technology allows for easy game play in combination with spectacular graphics. Gamers can decide to fight other players as well as AI opponents, which makes combats fun and challenging at the same time. The outcome of the conflict is largely determined by experience, army composition and a bit of luck.

More to come

With the release of Iron Grip: Marauders, a strong foundation is laid, but much more can be expected from the development team in the future. “We still have many ideas for new units and features. Over the next months, we will try to work these out and implement them into the game. So, stay tuned for news updates!” promises Creative Director Vincent van Geel.


ISOTX is the video game company that created the Iron Grip Universe, an alternative world set in a familiar, yet intriguing environment reminiscent of prewar Europe, but filled with airships, fascinating technologies and deep storyline. The first title in the series, a Half-Life 2 mod called Iron Grip: The Oppression, quickly became an indie hit and the inspiration for the development of following commercial titles that take place within the Iron Grip Universe. With a fan base of over 250,000, ISOTX has continued introducing games such as Iron Grip: Warlord, Iron Grip: Lords of War and Iron Grip: Marauders, thereby delivering on our promise to keep improving and expanding the works of Iron Grip gaming.


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