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How to stand out among those 100,000 other Apps.


On November 4th 2009, Apple Computer announced that the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch App Store, which it calls “the largest applications store in the world” has exceeded a library of more than 100,000 pieces of applications including games content. While this is a significant milestone to Apple and an endorsement to the interest and support of the platforms, it is also a huge challenge to independent game developers trying to be successful in terms of actual sales in a highly competitive market. A quick visit to the App Store through the iTunes application reveals that among the impressive numbers you will find a combined list of more than 6,000 games!

As a game developer, it’s important to consider the following factors:

“I have a great product, but how do I stand out from crowd”?

“How do I get exposure and how do I promote my product”?

“What will it take to create awareness and drive consumers to my website and to the App Store to generate increased sales”?

Undeniable the above questions overlap. At Indie Developer Consulting we are approached (daily) by numerous frustrated game developers trying to succeed in an oversaturated market flooded with shovel-ware. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it all begins with a quality game or product. Like any other market, if what you have created is not unique, innovative, interesting and fun, the chances of success decreases dramatically. Assuming the product or game you have developed meets those standards, the most important factor is public relations, good product description and viral marketing!

To some consumers a visit to the Apple App Store is an appalling and disappointing experience; the product descriptions for a huge number of games are inaccurate, the links to the developer website is either dead or broken, and the layout, style and design of the App page is unbearable to read because of mixed fonts, styles, color inconsistencies and uninspiring or outright boring screenshots (some game descriptions don't have any screenshots!)

To Apple game developers – this is your wakeup call! Take responsibility for your product! Don't expect your last holiday pictures turned into a jigsaw puzzle will make you rich! Contrary to popular belief, creating something on the Apple platform, self-publishing, and waiting for the bank account to finance your next multimillion game company is not going to happen! Use your talent to create innovate and fun games, and let the self-proclaimed suits at Indie Developer Consulting assist you with the product page, the public relations, the marketing and ultimately, help increase your sales.

The Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch is an excellent opportunity for independent developers to make money – and good money too – but having a good, solid, and fun game is only the start. Too many games are available on the App Store with terrible sales purely because of the inexperience in knowing “what to do” once a submission to Apple has been approved.

Contact Indie Developer Consulting to help you out! Our terms and pricing are fair, and if you truly wish to be among the top 20 or even top 100 in the App Store, asking for help and advice is the least of your concerns. After all, as Apple confirms – you are competing against more than 6,000 other games!

For additional information about the peeps behind Indie Developer Consulting, pricing and services please email

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