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iPhone dev calls for 'premium' App Store

Dynamo Games MD believes higher prices can help the iPhone market mature

The iPhone's App Store should feature a dedicated area for higher priced 'premium' content, according to the managing director of Dynamo Games.

Such a feature would help more expensive content stand out in the busy marketplace, said the developer of Championship Manager 2009 Express, where a majority of titles sell for as a little as 59 pence.

"I am sceptical about the different price points at the moment and feel there should definitely be a premium content area so that great games aren't lost because of their higher pricing," said Brian McNicoll, in a feature published today.

"Lets face it, these type of games cost a lot more money to make so should be priced in a higher price bracket. People are willing to pay a fair amount of money for good content as has always been the case," claimed McNicoll.

Championship Manager 2009 Express currently sells for GBP 3.49 on the App Store, at the higher end of the market, but McNicoll believes separating price points for games will help the iPhone business mature in the long-term.

"If the platform is going to mature properly it cannot keep the current price points as it will not be viable for most games to make a profit with such a small price point, as it is only the lucky few that really can break through at that price range and make a lot of money."

The full feature, looking at the new iPhone 3GS and 3.0 upgrade, can be read here.

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