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Ion Assault

Formerly Xbox 360-only space shooter now available from Steam too.

Eschborn/Frankfurt, November 18, 2010: Ion Assault, the arcade space shooter, is now available on PC exclusively from the STEAM download portal. The game, from the Munich developers Coreplay, was only previously available as an Xbox 360 version, and has thrilled players and industry press alike. Ion Assault combines skillful and popular arcade shooter elements with the game principle of classics such as Asteroids, and adds some innovative new features of its own. Ion Assault is now available from the STEAM shop priced $ 9,99 (RRP). We are also offering a 10% discount on the sale price in the first week of sale. For more information, please visit the following link:  

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About Ion Assault

The sparks sure do fly in Ion Assault ! The player finds himself in his spaceship surrounded by millions of nano particles; you’d better harness this swirling dust and use it to fend off swarms of enemies and obstacles. The player must use some smart particle suction and shooting to quickly blast adversaries out of the way. The player’s journey takes him through four different sectors each with 6 levels and a mighty boss waiting at the end of each sector. The “dynamic level intensity” in Ion Assault makes it easily accessible for beginners, while setting new challenges for hardcore gamers. The graphics and sound enhance the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere and make Ion Assault a must-have for fans of exhilarating arcade action!


·      Classical Shoot'em up with tactical depth: Ion Particles are limited for each level

·      Wield thousands of Ion Particles.

·      Use your space ship to fight against enemies and to destroy asteroids by absorbing and blasting Ion Particles.

·      Collect valuable power ups to improve your ship, your defense or your fire power.

·      Blast 30 different enemies using a variety of patterns to attack.

·      Fight through 4 large sectors, each guarded by a huge boss!

·      Over 20 levels, 5 levels in each sector

·      Conquer the leaderboard by mastering the innovative multiplier-based scoring mechanic.

About bitComposer Games

bitComposer Games, based in Eschborn, Germany, is an independent publisher of PC and computer games. The company focuses on the international marketing of software entertainment products for the classic PC, console and handheld platforms. bitComposer Games works with experienced development teams and service providers worldwide to develop in-house projects, licensed titles and commissioned productions. For more information, please visit:


COREPLAY is an independent computer and video game developer in the center of Munich, Germany. Every current member of COREPLAY’s senior staff can look back on several years of game industry experience. Since its formation in 2007 COREPLAY has released several games for multiple platforms including the first game made in Germany to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade.  

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