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IOMO hires six more, moves to larger offices

British mobile game developer IOMO has announced that it has moved to new larger offices, which will give the firm further room to grow in 2005 after a significant growth in staffing during 2004.

The company has also just hired six new staff across a range of disciplines, including a new producer, programmer and artist, bringing its total expansion this year - in terms of headcount - to almost 70 per cent.

"2004 has been a fantastic year for IOMO," enthused managing director John Chasey. "The mobile games sector is really starting to reach its full potential and the mobile communications industry as whole is recognising that games are a significant driver for people as they upgrade to new and more sophisticated phones."

IOMO has completed work on 23 games over the course of the year, including high-profile ports for companies including Electronic Arts (Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2005) and Codemasters (Colin McRae Rally 2005) as well as its own successful Pub series of games.

"We're delighted to welcome Jonathan, Marvin, Mark, Chris, Dave & Sabrina to IOMO," Chasey concluded, "and we're looking forward to working on many more exciting new games in the near future."

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