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Intorine, Allure Memory 1.1

On the 2nd of November, Intorine has released a new improved version of Allure Memory with new amazing backgrounds and the ability to change the skins of cards.

Memory is a logical game, helping to train concentration and visual memory. By playing the game, you get to know your visual memory level, and improve it.

It is very importing to train your memory. And with the help of Allure Memory 1.1, it will turn into a pleasant and interesting pastime.

You must remember the shape and position of cards with images. For one move, you may open two cards. If they are the same, they disappear, otherwise they close and still remain on the field. You may also choose the theme of the cards. There are three themes: Computers, Nature and Geometry.

Allure Memory' license costs $9.95(US) and may be purchased securely online at . You can download a free 21-day trial version of Allure Memory from the same Internet site.

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