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InterviewCAM technology slashes games recruiting risks

London, Wimbledon, June 2, 2006.

New InterviewCAM technology on offer from Interactive Selection, the market leader for recruitment working only in computer games and interactive entertainment, has significantly improved the chances of job move success for both employer and job seeker and cut the cost of international transfers.

InterviewCAM technology using desktop webcams and Skype software is on offer to all Interactive Selection clients. The ability for potential employers to interview candidates on the other side of the world without moving from their desk at no cost brings the old phone interview into the 21st Century.

A surprising number of job offers in games development are made without the job seeker meeting the line manager face to face. This technological breakthrough from Interactive Selection will fast diminish the chance that this lack of face to face meeting with lead to job move disaster.

"This will revolutionise the long distance job interview" commented David Smith, Managing Director of Interactive Selection. "Too often international hires are made following 2 or 3 phone conversations and this creates the real risk of hiring failure. The increased confidence in seeing your new hire or new boss, full screen, for as long as you like at no cost is a 'no brainer' for all those involved in recruitment. We have been using InterviewCAM technology inter-office and inter-consultant for a while and now offer this to all our clients."

Those interested in testing the quality of InterviewCAM images can go online and see the Interactive Selection office at www.interviewcam.net. Demos for clients and potential clients can be organized by contacting David Smith or an Interactive Selection consultant.

About Interactive Selection

Interactive Selection was founded by David Smith in 1996 and over the last 10 years has worked tirelessly to help candidates find jobs with the world's top computer and video games developers, publishers, distributors and retailers. The company also works closely with the leading console hardware, accessory and peripheral manufacturers.

Interactive Selection are dedicated to finding the best opportunities for their registered job seekers in over 200 client companies that include Atari, Buena Vista Games, Climax, Digital Illusions, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Empire, Midway, Sega, Sony, THQ, UbiSoft and Vivendi Universal Games.

In recent years Interactive Selection clients have included online and wireless publishers and distributors of digital interactive entertainment products, ISPs, games retailers, entertainment and e-commerce portals on the internet, broadband or in cable, satellite, interactive TV or 3G mobile. Interactive Section also works in both the casual and serious games sectors.

We commit to the highest standards. Interactive Selection was the first recruitment agency specialising in games to join the REC, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, representing over 6000 recruiters in the UK. This body represents excellence in recruitment and demonstrates a commitment to high standards of service to both employers and candidates. David Smith is Vice Chairman of the REC's IT & Comms Sector Group.

Interactive Selection is also a proud member of PEER - the first non US recruiter to be invited to join the new trade association of Professional Electronic Entertainment Recruiters which comprises the recruiters worldwide committed to serving better the industry. All PEER members stand by the association's Charter Agreement which demands the highest professional recruiting standards and practice.

Web site: http://www.games-jobs.com

Contact Details:
PR contacts: david@interactiveselection.com
Telephone: 020 8944 7777
Fax: 020 8944 8100

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