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Intersteller Marines: Running Man

Next 'slice' is now available.

(Copenhagen, Denmark – July 6th 2010)

Zero Point Software invites gamers from all over the world to get immersed even deeper into the story, world and gameplay of the Interstellar Marines games, currently in development.

In Running Man players take part of a select group of Special Forces secretly being trained as first line of defense against other sentient species. Deep inside an underground military facility and under the supervision of Drill-Sergeant Barry, players will engage in a series of grueling training programs and fight high-tech Combat Training Robots specially designed for fast paced close quarter combat training.

“In our previous slice, Bullseye, players were confined to a small military shooting range filled with simple cardboard targets. This time players will experience complete freedom of movement and they will need to move fast to survive the waves of charging Training Robots. At the same time Running Man sets a series of events in motion, that eventually will lead to the revelation of the back story of the Interstellar Marines trilogy”, says Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director, Zero Point Software.

About Interstellar Marines:

Interstellar Marines is a trilogy of games, an AAA first person shooter experienced in a realistic and unpredictable future where first contact with another sentient species is slowly becoming reality. The games balances the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth of Role Playing Games.

What really sets Interstellar Marines apart from other AAA titles is the players involvement in the creation. With Interstellar Marines the players isn’t just playing the games – They have the ability to improve the games as well. By joining the community on InterstellarMarines.com players can provide feedback on everything from level design to difficulty level, or maybe even get a speaking role in the games.

“We scan the forums for feedback every day and the games is already filled with small tweaks and changes based on the feedback from the community. Our weapon reload is a small example of this; the entire animation was remade because a community member pointed out that holding the finger on the trigger during reloads was unrealistic”, says Kim Haar Jørgensen.

About AAA Indie:

Interstellar Marines is developed and published independently without the financial support and restrictions from any of the big publishers. During development a number of playable slices will be released online for everybody to try in a limited free version and only available on InterstellarMarines.com.

Players can completely unlock a given slice by purchasing a $5 Support Medal. Players signing up for the $25 Frontline account get complete access to all current and future slices as well as a digital copy of the first game in the trilogy, when it is released on PC and Mac. Finally players can go full circle and purchase the limited edition $39 Spearhead account (only 75.000 available) which besides all the Frontliner benefits secures members with all three games in the trilogy at a very attractive price.

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