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Interstellar Marines

Hitting the bullseye on Kongregate from today.

At an undisclosed location in the solar system, a small group of elite soldiers in the ITO Special Forces has been selected to undergo the first part of their training to become Interstellar Marines. Transported to the military space carrier AIV Kitty Hawk, these aspiring marines are given their first task: successfully complete a challenging live fire exercise on a dynamic shooting range designed to improve combat proficiency with the standard issue MeiKuy CE-6 submachine gun. Passing this step will qualify soldiers to enter the Interstellar Marines program.

This is the scenario that has been captivating thousands of players, who have completed over 1 million challenges thus far in Bullseye, the popular online shooting experience from the independent game developer Zero Point Software. Beginning the 15th of February, millions of new gamers will have a chance to test their own shooting prowess with a special version of Bullseye on the world famous gaming site

Through Kongregate, gamers will have access to 22 grueling challenges in Bullseye, ranging from basic shooting of moving targets, to intense breaching exercises and hostage situations. As Bullseye players progress through 16 character levels, their standard issue SMG can be upgraded and customized in order to reach perfect scores in all challenges, so they can compare their skills with their friends on high-scores.

In addition, Bullseye has been entered into a contest on that features the best new browser-based titles developed in Unity, an award-winning game engine. Bullseye will be competing for a grand prize of 10,000 USD.

“So far we have received tremendous feedback on Bullseye from the fans, but we have not tried it out on a audience outside our own community. Now that Kongregate has added support for Unity games, we have the opportunity to do just that,” said Game Director Kim Haar Jørgensen. “It will be exciting to see how Kongregate’s discerning users receive the game, and we hope that they’ll give us a good ranking in the competition—even though there are some great games out there!”


For further information or interviews please contact: 

Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director, Zero Point Software, +45 20 99 25 03,

Kenneth Ellegaard Andersen, Producer, Zero Point Software,


About Bullseye and Interstellar Marines 

Bullseye is the first in a series of small games that demonstrate the play mechanics of Zero Point Software’s upcoming title Interstellar Marines. Interstellar Marines is already one of the most anticipated indie games in development. At the moment Interstellar Marines has a 9.2 game score on, and over one mill. views of the videos that have been posted so far. More than 85,000 users have signed up to play the game on and supports the game financially.


About Kongregate houses one of the largest collections of browser based games online. Everyone can upload games to the site using tools that allow them to integrate special features such as high-scores and achievements. Kongregate hosts a monthly competition for the most popular game, and several bigger competitions such as the upcoming Unity contest.


Play Bullseye on Kongregate here:


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