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3rd November 2004

Interactive Ideas have announced that it will be exclusively distributing and marketing Enigma: Rising Tide - Gold Edition the new release from PointSoft under the Brigades label, a leading European games publisher.

Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition is a one of a kind WWII naval combat game that combines elements from first person shooters, role-playing and strategy games. This exciting navel combat game includes more than 100 unique missions as well as new realistically modelled historical ships, submarines and aircraft.

Originally created as an online game the Enigma: Rising Tide developers soon discovered its massive potential and produced a full retail version of the game. From the success of the previous Enigma: Rising Tide comes the Gold edition complete with new weapons, upgraded interfaces, improved sound effects and a voiceresponce pack. Enigma is also one of a very few games that can be played completely by voice command giving the player an added element of immersion.

"Players will endure a unique and very exciting experience" Commented Jerome Barbe of Pointsoft. "This new edition contains a huge amount of features, players won't ever play the same game twice. With new weapons and live ocean and weather realism the Gold edition is a game like no other. "

Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition contains:

  • New random mission sets, the ability to play the BattleCruisers after completing a campaign, remodelled ships and weapons, improved fx and speed, new command and control features, new weapon controls for torpedoes and depth charges, enhanced first person gun control
  • Three patrol choices: combat, training and tactical modes, a new experience each time
  • A Re-supply function: Players can now call for re-supply during the course of a mission
  • Special Damage: damage to certain areas will result in fuel leakage, fires or engine damage

Enigma: Rising Tide - Gold Edition will retail for £19.99 and be available on 5th Novbember 2004.

About Pointsoft

Pointsoft - Pointsoft France, Pointsoft Gmbh and Puntosoft (Spain) - is a leader in publishing and distribution of PC CD-Rom in Europe. Pointsoft has successfully launched into the Full Price PC-Rom games market across Europe with strong titles like Castle Strike, Enigma, Afrika Korps, Fire Department, The Fall: Last Days of Gaïa and Vivisector: Beast Inside.

Pointsoft headquarter is based in HEM (59), France.

About Interactive Ideas

Founded in 1994, Interactive Ideas are a leading distributor of software and peripherals for the personal computer and console gaming systems. Based in North London, the company has distribution contracts with a large number of leading publishers and manufacturers. For smaller or overseas publishers, Interactive Ideas exclusively markets, distributes and builds the publishers brand with specialist knowledge of gaming, education, lifestyle and business software.

For more information contact:

Vicki Leah

Exclusive Product Manager

Interactive Ideas

Tel: 0208 805 1000

Fax: 0208 805 8962

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