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IntelliChess 2.7.2, Intorine

On the 6th of May Intorine released IntelliChess 2.7.2. It is a maintenance release, several PGN export issues were fixed. Upgrade is free for all registered users.

IntelliChess is a chess program for Pocket PC with a strong engine and ability to play over the Internet. If your PDA is connected to the Internet, you can enjoy online playing with people from all over the world at server.

Also IntelliChess has a strong chess engine with adjustable difficulty levels, advanced time control, opening book and complete support for chess rules. And IntelliChess lets you play with friends, using your Windows Mobile Pocket PC handheld as a chessboard.

IntelliChess' easy-to-learn interface offers a wealth of options. You can pause the game and spend extra time thinking about your next move, take moves back, ask for a hint, look at the pieces that have been captured, resign the game or flip sides in the middle of the game, continue playing with the computer's pieces and choose the right skin of the board and pieces for your eye.

IntelliChess' license costs $24.95(US) and may be purchased securely online at You can download a free 30-day trial version of IntelliChess from the same Internet site.

For more information, contact: Kate Penkovskaya, mail:

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