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Instant Jam experiments with embeddable play

Louis Castle's streaming guitar game can now be hosted on any website

InstantAction has updated its free to play Guitar Hero-alike title Instant Jam to allow embeddable versions of the game.

This means gaming blogs, fan sites, social network pages and the like can run InstantAction's streaming game in full, without users having to go off-site.

This is in addition to the game's existing ability to theoretically make any song into a rhythm action level on the fly, so long as the user has a copy of the track on his hard drive (or purchases it through Instant Jam).

Providing embeddable code is an uncommon occurrence for relatively high-budget games, but may be a way of combating the decline in viral spread on Facebook, for which Instant Jam was originally created.

An example of the embedded version may be found here. Further details on the game's business model are in GamesIndustry.biz's recent interview with Instant Action CEO Louis Castle.

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