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Insert Coin 2009

Just under a month to go till Northants expo.

For Friday, June 19, 2009

For Immediate Release

June 19, 2009 – London, United Kingdom – The first, annual arcade gaming event – ‘INSERT COIN 2009’ – the public amusement expo, opens on July 18th ‘til the 19th in Northampton, and already the biggest names have signed up to entertain a vast take-up of pre-booked attendees.

With just under a month to go, a unique mix of exhibitors and presentations will be gathered in one place to celebrate all things amusement and gaming in its purest form. Since the announcement of ‘INSERT COIN 2009’, the event has gained momentum to become the most important United Kingdom public coin-op gathering in over 10 years.

The event is broken into three exciting areas:

- Tournaments

For the first time ever, major competition on ‘Classic’ as well as contemporary amusement machines will be brought together under one roof. Guinness World Records will be present to officially adjudicate record attempts alongside furious public competition

The Championship tournaments (titled the ‘INSERT COIN 2009 CHAMPIONSHIP’) will be run throughout the 2-day event – with paid slots to compete with ‘Street Fighter IV’ and ‘Tekken 6’ some of the exclusive amusement machines to be fought over – places will be limited.

Alongside this are more than 9 other tournaments ranging from mini-casual gatherings to open, and exhibition championships offering prizes, plus the bragging rights of having won at the inaugural INSERT COIN event!

In support of the championships there will be ‘World Record Challenges’ on both days, with Guinness World Records overseeing official score keeping, and coverage in the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

A Major photo opportunity – We have it on good authority that a number of current holders will be attending, possibly to witness their records being beaten!

- Exhibition and Stands

The event is all about gaming and with that in mind INSERT COIN has gathered the cream of the amusement scene for players to try, and in some cases, buy the best in amusement action.

All the major names on the amusement scene, classic collecting and spares suppliers are represented at the event with over 250 arcade machines to fill the entire floor of The Rodber Suite at Northampton Saints venue. The shows floor is split into stalls selling a huge range of arcade merchandising, alongside unique exhibition stands with the best games on display.

For the first time the general public, who can purchase their ticket online, will get a chance to see a huge array of arcade hardware & software in one place. For most, this will be their first opportunity to get to grips with some of the most exciting video gaming hardware in the UK.

Most exciting of all is that INSERT COIN will also feature some exclusive games & hardware so far unavailable anywhere other than in Japan!

- Entertainment

Along with the intense video game playing on the show floor, INSERT COIN will be playing host to a number of special events linked to the world of gaming. This includes a ‘Cosplay’ (costume-role-play performance art form) competition with the latest styles and fashions paraded.

Away from the show floor INSERT COIN 2009 will also host an exclusive VIP event. This ‘After Party’ on the first night of the event will play host to over 60 special guests, with refreshments – the award ceremony for that days tournament winners, a questions & answer session on the amusement scene, all rounded off with a DJ session.

The After Party event tickets are sold separate to the event on the day and promises to be a great place to unwind from the exhilaration of the show, and meet fellow followers of all things arcade – see website for details *

The INSERT COIN 2009 event taking place at The Rodber Suite at Northampton Saints venue from the 18th to the 19th of July 2009 -- the event organisers expect over 7,000 visitors having sold the majority of their tickets online through their web site. Speculation regarding the show has been intense, arcade specific sites buzzing with discussion as the event has touched a nerve with a wide range of ages from those that are hardcore, or new to the world of real arcade gaming. The show is drawing attendees from the four corners of the UK, and many are traveling from continental Europe to be part of the single biggest public arcade event Britain as has seen in over a decade.

INSERT COIN 2009 will be a major media event, with television and radio coverage and attendance by many commentators on the video game industry. In order that the event runs smoothly a special media support team has been put in place overseen by KWP representatives. They will need to be approached regarding media passes and coverage of the event; interviews with the organisers and tournament winners available on demand.

For further information, images, sponsor announcements and media accreditation:

Contact Company:

- IC2009 Event Details (* )

Date: 18th to the 19th July 2009

Time: 10am to 8pm on both days

Ticket Price: £10 (Junior Single), £15 (Adult Single), £23 (Adult Weekend ticket)

Location: Northampton Saints, Franklin's Gardens, Weedon Road, Northampton, NN5 5BG


KWP Limited

+44 (0)7785 254729

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