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Series of games aimed at helping pupils sail through their exams.

10th November 2010: Games publishing veterans Mastertronic and visionary British company 3MRT have joined forces to launch a series of exam-busting games for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Apps fuse leading edge game design with GCSE syllabus questions to create educational applications which have been proven in independent trials to increase pupils’ knowledge within the chosen subject.

The InQuizitor range of Apps – available from today for £1.79 each – are based on the latest national curriculum and combine question and answer sessions with gameplay rewards which have been shown to increase a student’s knowledge of a chosen subject.

Apps are available for 12 2010/2011 English and Scottish curriculum subjects, with more in the pipeline. Each game offers between 250 to 1000 questions for each specific subject.

The InQuizitor iPhone and iPod touch range draws on key lessons from 3MRT’s web-based applications, which have already proven themselves in schools and colleges in the UK and US. Independent US research on InQuizitor in 2007* and a subsequent reference from BECTA in 2009** demonstrate that increase in pre-test and post-test scores for students using InQuizitor was over 70 per cent.

“The iPhone and iPod touch are perfect formats for the InQuizitor range,” says Euan Mackenzie, CEO, 3MRT. “By freeing pupils from the classroom we enable anyone with the appropriate technology to learn whilst having fun anywhere they like. Study can be done in short bursts, when you are on the move, making previous dead time totally rewarding.

“InQuizitor was co-designed by several members of the original GTA team. It is a cocktail of real gaming expertise and scientific methodology which has proven results. I’d like to think we were increasing kids’ desire and motivation to study using games. InQuizitor demonstrates how rewarding gaming can be when placed in the right environment.”

Feedback from the school-based application has been universally positive:

“This is without doubt the most innovative and stimulating piece of educational software that I have experienced in any educational setting.’ The designers clearly know how to stimulate and engage the pupils into learning without the pupil actually realising that learning is taking place”

L Obre PT, Bannockburn High School

"We have a great problem with kids learning their times tables in primary school, if they were using this software, I guarantee every kid would come out of primary school knowing their times tables.”

John Sexton, Principal Maths Teacher James Young High School, Livingston.

“Fun! I was using this today with my A Level Biologists. The students really are very enthusiastic about the game. They were all trying to beat my top score of 4.6 million”

Andy Squires, Deputy Head, Denbigh School

The InQuizitor Apps are available now for 12 subjects, priced £1.79 each.


Contact details

Euan Mackenzie


07939 244353

Jessica Simmonds / Simon Byron

Premier PR

0207 292 8330

Armfield, Blocher, Sujo de Montes, The Educational Technology Integration Group, Northern Arizona University, 2007. Full version available here :

** BECTA 2009:

InQuizitor ® is a registered trademark of 3MRT.

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