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Wellington, New Zealand - 8th September 2005Innaworks, the world's leading expert in mobile game and application optimization, announces today the availability of mBooster 2.0 to its global customer base. The company's technology, mBooster, is utilised by mobile game and application developers and publishers to automate the optimisation of mobile games and applications.

mBooster alleviates two key technological barrier facing mobile game and application developers today: the size and performance constraints. It automatically reduces the size and increases the performance of mobile games and applications for the J2ME platform, a version of the computer language Java used for cell phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and other consumer appliances.

Stephen Cheng, CEO of Innaworks said "mBooster 2.0 is a tremendous piece of engineering. It incorporates the world's first commercial optimizing compiler for the J2ME platform. In the very competitive world of mobile game publishing, our customers have found that every byte counts towards producing a popular and compelling game. mBooster 2.0 will help our customers succeed by pushing the limits of compiler technologies, to include advanced optimizations such as automatic refactoring of class hierarchy. On heavily manually optimized commercial mobile game titles, mBooster 2.0 on average delivers a further 10% size reduction."

Functionality in mBooster 2.0 includes:

  • Automatic refactoring of class hierarchy
  • Method inlining
  • Advanced whole program optimizations
  • Advanced interprocedural optimizations
  • Declarative resource packing
  • Stack map optimizations
  • JAR, PNG and M3G re-compression with the highest compression ratio

Stephen Cheng, added "It was extremely rewarding to see the impact mBooster has on our customers. For example Superscape, whom we have a technology partner agreement with, is raising the quality bar for the 3D mobile game industry. Superscape is extremely excited about the impact mBooster has on their productivity and creative freedom. We are also getting huge interest from business application and consumer application developers, which are now realising the immense potential of the mobile platform, and at the same time, the difficulties in producing compelling content for the constrained handsets."

Press Note(s)

About Innaworks

Innaworks Development Limited is the world's leading optimization expert for mobile applications. Innaworks' proprietary technology, mBooster, incorporates the world's first high performance optimizing compiler for the J2ME platform. mBooster allows mobile application developers and mobile content providers to produce more compelling content, for a wider range of mobile devices, in a shorter time. mBooster has been recognised for mobile industry innovation with two awards in 2005: The Technology Commendations from the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology in August 2005 and the Telecom New Zealand Incubators Award for 'Innovation of the Year' in April 2005. Innaworks is based in Wellington, New Zealand.


For further information, please contact:

Lauree Rickard

Marketing Director

Innaworks Development Limited

Telephone: +64 4 3814480

Email: Lrickard@innaworks.com

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