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United Kingdom – August 20, 2009 Chillingo, the leading iPhone publisher and independent game development studio Games Faction Ltd today announced the immediate availability of their fast-paced 2D shooter, Inkvaders on Apple App Store.

Inkvaders combines cartoonish graphics, hilarious weapons, and micro-managed weapon upgrades, and brings to life a phenomenal, gory side-scrolling shooter that will keep you entertained for hours. Set in a cartoonish universe, the game immerses the player in the adventures of Generic Marine (G to his friends), who takes on the Martian Hordes, which are once again determined to see the Earth’s destruction. As the aliens invade, G must battle his way from his base on the Moon back to Earth, to wipe the Martian menace from our streets and restore the human race. Players must manage ammunition and weapon types, conserve health and make use of their jet pack as they collect bonuses and purge the Martian foe.

"Inkvaders innovates on iPhone with its groundbreaking visuals and addictive, truly accessible gameplay," says Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing for Chillingo. "This is yet another revolutionary game added to our continually top-rated roster. The unique combination of adrenaline-pumping shooter action with genuine comedy - and revolutionary game mechanics such as Rush mode - establish Inkvaders as a sure-fire iPhone and iPod touch hit."

"Inkvaders is going to heat things up this summer. This game will remind players what this genre is all about,” said Lee Hickey, Managing Director of Games Faction Ltd. “It will keep them glued to their phones for hours battling aliens and laughing at the comedic, cartoonish action unfolding under their fingertips. We're pleased to be working with Chillingo to bring this unique, whacky shooter to iPhone users everywhere.” Hickey added.

Invaders is available for $1.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at <>

About Chillingo

Chillingo Ltd is a publisher for innovative games and software for iPhone and iPod touch.

About Games Faction

Games Faction Ltd is an independent games development studio dedicated to creating innovative games.

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