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MTV Pimp My Ride, Le Mans 2006 and Cubis™ included in new InfoSpace release slate

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E3, Los Angeles Convention Centre, Kentia Rooms 6842 and 6846 - May 11, 2006 - InfoSpace, Inc. (NASDAQ: INSP) a leader in mobile media, from E3 today will announce its line up of eight innovative mobile game titles due for European release within the next six months. The titles, all developed in-house at InfoSpace, include licenses from MTV and Le Mans and a range of puzzle, sports and pub games that are set to dazzle gamers across Europe.

"InfoSpace has the in-house development talent to bring world-class mobile gaming titles like these to market," said Alan Welsman, Vice President of Marketing at InfoSpace Europe. "Demand for our innovative gaming titles has grown rapidly across the world and this strong European line up will provide carriers with compelling content for their ever more demanding mobile consumers."

InfoSpace titles slated for European release within the next six months:


Trickshot Pool
Trickshot Pool presents more than 24 challenging trickshot setups, in addition to traditional 8- and 9- ball tables. The game creates an interesting twist on the puzzle genre, as players test their master-minding skills to strategise and sink the perfect trickshot. Choose your shots and play your friend or an opponent for a best-of-five in the competition room.

Sexy Soccer
A winning combination of sexy trainers and football create a compelling mass market football game in Sexy Soccer. The game takes players to the Sexy Soccer Summer Camp where three Sexy Soccer trainers take gamers through three different training disciplines. The better players perform the more the sexy trainers make it worth their while


MTV Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride brings the famous MTV show to mobile with edgy, colorful and creative flare. Four different games plus micro-game challenges give players the chance to be a member of the famous "pimper" team, compete against friends to be the best mobile "pimper" and turn a "junker" car fly.

Le Mans 2006
Can you make it to the end of the most grueling race in the motorsport calendar? Choose your machine and take to the track in a bid to cover the most distance by the end of the infamous 24 hour race! Make strategic pit stops, overtake your rivals, race from day to night and aim for a podium position over 12 demanding stages.


Cubis is the addictive block-stacking puzzle game where you race to remove as many colorful cubes as you can. Slide cubes across the board to create chains of same-colored cubes. Use the star, wedge, osmosis and laser cubes to rack up extra points. Remove multiple chains in one slide and you'll earn the coveted Cubis.

Take Yer Meds!
Feel the frenzy of Take Yer Meds! by aiding ailing patients diagnosed with wild and wacky illnesses. Help the doctors grab the right remedies for the impatient outpatients, and keep their comfort levels high to get extra points. Players can choose either career or survival modes.


The Gumblers are in a bind and it's your job to help save them from a watery grave. Build block towers for them to climb towards the exit before the rising water engulfs them. Watch out for devilish seagulls, goats and other hazards on the way. The game includes 50 levels spanning five unique and intriguing themes.

Back Attack
Kick, pass and charge your way to the goal posts in this challenging and fiendishly addictive rugby puzzle game. Overwhelm your opponent with strategic passing then kick that ball high in to the heavens and over the bar. If you're up for the challenge, then why not try the mind-bending 'Back Attack' mode, take on a virtual team and make them eat that dirt in 'Match' mode or opt to play a friend in a two-player match.

InfoSpace is a world-class mobile games publisher and developer, with award-winning development studios in the U.K, Germany and the U.S. The company has licensed and developed more than a hundred mobile games and distributes its titles to carriers internationally.

For further information visit: www.infospaceinc.com

Or visit us at E3: Los Angeles Convention Centre, Kentia Rooms 6842 and 6846

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