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Infospace launches new mobile entertainment channel

Games, ringtones, graphics and customisable content promised

Mobile media and technology provider Infospace has announced the launch of a new direct-to-consumer mobile entertainment channel, Moviso, which will be supported by US carriers T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and Cingular.

Speaking to, John Nolz, senior director of product marketing at Infospace, stated: "Moviso is a natural evolution for Infospace and it's something that the consumers in the US market have been calling out for. We're providing very straightforward communication, straightforward pricing and leveraging one of the largest mobile content catalogues in North America."

Moviso - an acronym of Mobile, Vision and Sound - is designed to provide US consumers with direct access to a massive library of ringtones, graphics and games. In addition, a customisation tool will allow images to be uploaded, personalised and then downloaded back to the handset.

"User-generated content and the ability to really personalise your handset is critical for consumers, and we have a number of ideas on the plate that will be happening soon," Nolz said.

One of the key selling points of the new channel is its simplified billing process, which is designed to solve the problems of hidden charges and unwanted subscriptions. Moviso offers a choice of a la carte purchases for a single fee or a number of flexible subscription packages, enabling consumers to easily find and purchase a mix of games, graphics and ringtones at any time with one monthly payment.

All purchases will appear on the buyer's monthly phone bill, and subscription packages can be cancelled at any time via an SMS message.

Moviso is available to US consumers now, and Infospace plans to launch a European service "within the next twelve months" - with further plans to expand the platform into additional territories over the next few years.

"Not only does this provide carriers with an additional revenue stream and an intelligence engine to see what consumers are downloading to their handsets, but also it's an opportunity for Infospace to control our own destiny and establish a brand presence within the marketplace," Nolz concluded.

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