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Info-Tek Releases GECUBE RADEON X800XL PCIe 512MB Graphics Card

Low Noise and High Efficiency Memory Create the Perfect Gaming Experience

For Immediate Release

Taipei - May 5, 2005 -- Info-Tek Corporation, production supplier for the leading global graphics card brand GECUBETM, announced today the release of the GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card. Equipped with the ATI R430XL VPU and 512MB of memory, the GECUBE RADEON® X800XL graphics card supports DX9 for 3D performance while creating the perfect gaming experience with movie-quality graphics.

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card outshines other products in the market with its many top-end functions and performance that will surprise and delight users.


1. Raises Gaming Efficiency by 40%: The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card fulfills the needs for realism in 3D games with ease. With its high memory specification design, the X800XL raises efficiency by more than 40%, even at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 dpi (1600 x 1200, 6XAA, 16 XAF), and provides a smooth picture for games.

2. Supports Next Generation 3D Game Specifications: The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card's 512MB memory meets the needs of new-generation 3D games with high-tech specifications to provide gamers with the most realistic gaming environment. Card features such as Motion Blue, High Dynamic Range Lighting, Soft Shadows, and Subsurface Scattering provide a realistic, life-like picture while enhancing specially-designed visual effects, allowing gamers to enjoy movie-quality pictures.

3. Supports Dual DVI

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card supports 16 pixel shader pipelines and 6 vertex engines for extreme 3D image processing, which provide a smooth and refined image display and enhanced colour saturation. The X800XL also supports dual DVI for a more detailed picture quality and enhanced functions.

4. Low Noise Uni-Wise Cooling System

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card is the perfect product for gaming enthusiasts - the card's top-of-the-line memory specifications and Gecube's proprietary Uni-Wise fan provide a low-noise operating environment, even for 3D gamers.

Product Specification:

Model Name - GECUBE RADEON X800 XL


Core Frequency - 400MHz

Pixel Pipeline - 16

Memory Type - GDDR3/512MB

Interface - PCI Express x16

TV-Out - Yes

DVI-I x2 - Yes

RGB Port - Yes

HDTV - Yes

Larry Yeo, General Manager of Info-Tek's Multimedia Business Unit said, "All GECUBE graphics cards, in addition to providing the needed hardware efficiency, are also focused on improving user experiences. The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB graphics card is tailor-made for high-level gamers and with its superior memory capabilities coupled with GECUBE's proprietary Uni-Wise low-noise fan, I believe that the X800XL will be greatly welcomed by consumers."

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About Info-Tek and GECUBE

"GECUBE" is a brand name of Info-Tek Taiwan's Multimedia Products Division. Products under this brand name include graphics cards and other computer peripheral hardware products.

Info-Tek Taiwan, established in 1990, has been primarily devoted to contract manufacturing services for motherboards and interface cards. Over the years it has grown its business to establish four main production centers both in Taiwan and China. The Multimedia Products Division of Info-Tek is completely dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of GECUBE brand name products, and has its own, independent R&D team. Info-tek also has a complete marketing and sales network and provides total multimedia solutions. The Info-Tek Corporation was officially listed on the Taiwan stock market (IPO number: 8183) on March 3, 2005. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Sarah Chard

Tel + 44 (0) 870 420 8130

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