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Infinium recruits industry veterans for San Francisco office

Kathy Schoback and Wallace Poulter join the ranks of the Phantom

Broadband console proponent Infinium Labs has announced that it's added two more games industry veterans to its senior management team - with Kathy Schoback and Wallace Poulter joining the company in order to head up a new office in San Francisco.

Schoback, who was formerly director of product operations for Eidos and, prior to that, worked with Sega of America, will be the company's vice president of content strategy, while former Apple Computer games partnership manager and Atari senior product manager Poulter will be director of publisher relations.

The two appointments represent the first step towards establishing a significant presence in California for Infinium - which was one of Kevin Bachus' original commitments when he took over the helm of the company earlier this year, as he felt that the company needed a software-focused office in the entertainment industry's heartland.

"It's an exciting time. We're building up a team," commented Bachus. "I spent a lot of time personally trying to recruit them. Their enthusiasm for this (business model) is the thing that struck me most strongly."

Infinium is expected to announce further new hires later this week, and will be officially unveiling its plans for the Phantom console and gaming service in mid-May, at or ahead of the E3 trade show in Los Angeles.

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