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Infinium Labs to sponsor Indie Games Con

Florida-based Infinum Labs, creators of the Phantom game console and broadband game delivery service, has announced that it is to sponsor the Indie Games Con event in Oregon later this week.

Infinium will be presenting a lunch on Saturday at the event, as well as being a premier sponsor of the event as a whole, and a number of the companies who have signed up to provide games on the Phantom Game Service will be exhibiting at the conference.

"Indie Games Con is a great place for us to present the digital distribution opportunity to developers looking to harness the power of broadband to give all gamers a chance to play their titles," according to Infinium president and COO Kevin Bachus.

"Digital distribution services like our flagship Phantom Game Service also offer consumers an extremely broad selection of games they might not otherwise get to play," he continued.

The Indie Games Con runs over October 8th to 11th in Eugene, Oregon, and is designed as an event for the independent development community which incorporates informative sessions, networking, product showcasing and awards.

Other sponsors of the event include NVIDIA, Apple, LinSpire and TLC.

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