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Infinium appoints Koler to drive European Phantom launch

Florida-based Infinium Labs, which is currently preparing for the US launch of the Phantom Game Service in mid-November, has appointed Greg Koler to oversee the company's strategy for a launch in Europe.

Koler has been working in the interactive entertainment space for over 15 years, and most recently consulted on content acquisition with G-Cluster, a European subsidiary of Softbank BroadMedia Japan.

His responsibilities will include researching and implementing communications, channel and investment strategies for Europe, where the Phantom Game Receiver and its associated broadband game delivery service is expected to launch in 2005.

"We've had tremendous interest in our Phantom Gaming Service from European gamers," according to Infinium president Kevin Bachus, "so we're doing everything we can to bring it to them as fast as we can. We believe Greg's input based on his track record launching interactive entertainment and video game products internationally will be a critical component to our success in this market."

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