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Infinity Field

The second game from 16-year-old Manuel Martinez-Almeida.

Today, the self-taught game developer based in Valladolid, 200km North of Madrid, released his second game on Apple’s iOS format. Amazingly, Manuel programmed Infinity Field for iPad in his spare time, despite a demanding homework schedule.

His father bought him an iPhone in 2009. He quickly set to work learning how to program for the mobile platform and launched his first game, Abstract War 2.0, in February 2010.

The new game has been published by Chillingo, whose recent releases include the App Store mega-hit, Cut The Rope, and essential man-app from Man Vs Wild survival expert, Bear Grylls: Bear Essentials.

Manuel said: “I’ve always loved games and when my dad gave me an iPhone, I thought it would be fun to try making a game for it. It was difficult because schoolwork has to come first, but it’s an amazing feeling to see something you’ve created appearing on the App Store.”

About Infinity Field

Destroy countless enemies in this addictive and visually stunning dual stick space-age shooter, ' Infinity Field .'

Use the intuitive and familiar dual stick controls to guide your craft through the field of enemies with one analogue stick while at the same time clearing a path with your blaster. Things start off simple but soon you will have to deal with countless enemies intent on colliding with your craft and turning you into an explosion of pixels!

INCREDIBLE GRAPHICS: The darkness of space never looked so bright, vibrant and colourful enemies of all shapes and sizes fill the screen and explode in a hail of bullets in glorious HD as you blast your way to a new high score!

AWESOME WEAPONS AND ENEMIES: Collect power-ups as you zip around the field turning your regular cannon into a myriad of ultra powerful weapons. Fire bullets in every direction, watch them ricochet off the walls and into your foes. Use lasers, bombs and special weapons to destroy the incoming craft!

MULTIPLE GAME MODES: There are six survival modes including – Zombie, Snake and Insane mode. Infinity Field also features a full campaign mode with hugely challenging bosses, as well as a fun, competitive multiplayer option.

Infinity Field is available for iPad at:

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