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Due at the end of June, this vehicle combat game promised "immense firepower".

GSTAR, celebrating its fourth global game exhibition, starts on November 13th for four days at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan, Korea.

Korea's largest on-line game enterprise such as NCSoft, NEXON, JCE participate in the exhibition. NHN(Hangame), CJ Internet(Netmarble), Neowiz Games(Pmang) and other companies also take part in the exciting event. Along with participants mentioned above, about 50 international enterprises also join GSTAR2008. Intel, one of the participating global companies, has been assigned to 99 booths, the largest number of a booth at the exhibition.

Korea Game Industry Agency (KOGIA), sponsoring the exhibition, said they have prepared different activity zones to have gamers participate in the event. They also mentioned that this year's GSTAR exhibition would be a festival for the game industry and gamers around the world.

This event will attract families and game-goers by providing a video game console zone, an arcade game zone, a board game zone, and a game character display zone. Twenty educational institutions including Hongik Univ., Chungkang Univ., and Korean IT College, prepared an academy zone for the exhibition. The academy zone displays games created by students and visitors are welcome to try interesting games.

KOGIA aim to hold Korean Games Conference (KGC) and World Game Culture Conference (WGCC) at the same time with GSTAR exhibition. They expect this year's event to be informative, yet festive. KGC is the conference that attracts the most prominent international developers. WGCC was established in Korea for the first time around the world.

The exhibition is held in Korea International Exhibition Center and Lafesta, the commercial area in Ilsan. It displays role-playing games (RPG) and a game fashion show, a game musical and other festivities. The event also provides a shuttle bus for visitors to enjoy the celebration.

More than 3,000 publishers from 100 companies and about 1,000 international news reporters visit this year's GSTAR exhibition. This event would be a great opportunity to let the world about the game industry and help the game businesses.

At the exhibition, an advanced business-supporting program such as online business match system will be displayed for participants' convenience.

GSTAR2008 Introduction

- Title: GSTAR2008 (Game Show & Trade, All-Round 2008)

- Period: 13th to 16t (Thurs to Sun), November 2008

- Place: Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX)

- Scale: About 160 company participants/ 2000 Exhibit booth space/ 160,000 visitors

- Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Gyeonggi Province

- Supervised by Korea Game Industry Agency (KOGIA) and Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency


GSTAR is one of the largest game show in the world featuring conference, game tournament, business meetings and various public events. Under the slogan of  "Exiting Games, Growing Business" in GSTAR2007, it was successfully over with 150 exhibitors and 150,177 visitors around the world. The GSTAR2008, while being the gathering place of more than 150 domestic foreign enterprises and more than 3,000 buyers and media, it is also a giant global game exhibition where the future trends of game industries can be read. GSTAR is the key for mass marketing, media outreach, business transaction as well as market research and test bed to game industry people.

More information of GSTAR and schedule for GSTAR2008 can be found at


KOGIA was founded in February 1999 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the objective of developing the game industry as the key future strategic industry of the country. For the past nine years, KOGIA has greatly contributed to the development of the domestic game industry and support Korean games in the global market. KOGIA is planning to implement various programs aimed at raising the awareness of game culture, promoting e-sports, developing the creative capability of game contents, promoting international cooperation and exports, building up the game industry infrastructure, and pursuing professional development, legislation improvement and management innovation based on a master plan for the game industry's long-term development.

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