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Infernal Engine

Create open game worlds with the engine's new terrain system.

February 23, 2011 – LEWISVILLE, TX – Terminal Reality ( www.terminalreality.com), maker of the Infernal Engine and award-winning titles like Ghostbusters: The Videogame and Def Jam: Rapstar , is proud to announce a new suite of technology improvements to the Infernal Engine.  For 3 rd-generation consoles and the PC, Infernal Engine now includes a state of the art terrain system that will allow developers to create massive and incredibly realistic open game worlds. Infernal Engine’s latest improvements focus on creating world class content for MMOs, large open-world games, and serious game applications. Specific updates include:

Efficient, threaded LOD generation for terrain geometry, with the option of a predefined triangle budget Powerful tools for editing heightmap, vertex color, material and vegetation layers Support for terrain holes, making caves and other permissive areas possible A multitude of brushes and operations (lower, rise, smooth, flatten, average, noise, custom bitmap brushes, layer masks, import/export) Optimized material layering system Vegetation and decoration layers providing flexible LOD management and instanced geometry for rendering Altitude/slope filters and layer paint masks Per sector properties for fine tuned geometry and material optimizations Terminal Reality is also pleased to announce the Infernal Engine’s addition of the next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP) from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) to our leading line-up of cross-platform support. Infernal Engine for NGP offers game makers a robust, multi-threaded solution for creating games on SCE’s exciting new platform and takes full advantage of the amazing hardware possibilities now available.

“SCE’s given middleware partners timely access to NGP. Developers will really have a leg up on making games for the platform.” said Joe Kreiner, VP Sales and Marketing at Terminal Reality. “With unique new hardware options like front touch display and multi-touch pad, sophisticated six-axis motion controls, and top-notch social and connectivity features, we’re really excited about the possibilities for this platform.”

Terminal Reality will be attending the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) February 28 th - March 4 th. Please feel free to schedule a meeting to learn more about the Infernal Engine by contacting chris@ftwpublicrelations.com.

The Infernal Engine easily scales between systems, whether developing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, Wii TM PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), 3DS TM , PlayStation®2, PC, and now NGP from SCE. In addition to being a top notch development platform, the Infernal Engine comes with best-in-class support and a streamlined content pipeline to maximize productivity. Companies interested in the Infernal Engine licensing information can visit www.infernalengine.com or email enginesales@terminalreality.com with a demo request.

About Terminal Reality

Founded in 1994 and based in Lewisville, TX, Terminal Reality Inc (“TRI”) is a powerhouse veteran game developer--one of the largest and most successful independents in the industry. TRI has produced over 30 titles for 9 platforms and more than 80 SKUs. Terminal Reality continues to develop and license its amazing cross-platform game technology, the Infernal Engine®, which powers the highly acclaimed Def Jam Rapstar and Ghostbusters: The Video Game, as well as 20+ other titles currently on shelves or in production from 15+ licensed studios & publishers


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