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Industry insiders talk about the future of videogames!

UNITED GAMES MEDIA today announces the list of speakers featured in the main documentary programme contained on it's forthcoming DVD product - "What's Next?: For Computer and Videogames".

In addition, a sample clip of this production is available for download at:

What's Next? : The Future of Computer and VideoGames!

Featuring (in order of appearance):

[Note - this is for the Main feature-length documentary only,

more interviews are featured in separate bonus featurettes]

Anne de Kerckhove - COO Inspired Broadcast Networks

Jerry Carpenter - Morpheme

Gerard Wiener - Nokia

David Yarnton - Nintendo

Gizmondo Model

Anthony Anifowoshe -

Doug Lowenstein - Electronic Software Association

Jeff Brown - Electronic Arts

Phill Jones - ELSPA's Get into Games Initiative

Brian Murray - Red Ruckus [ Dare to be Digital ]

Andy Rohan - Red Ruckus [ Dare to be Digital ]

Darroch McNaught & Friend - NanoWars & Cityscrawlz [ Dare to be Digital ]

Matthew Smith - Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy

Roger Bennett - General Director, ELSPA

Ray Maguire - SCE UK boss

Catarina Noren - Filmivasterbotten

David LaMorte - BA FineArt

Corporal Woods - aka "Rhino" [ The British Army ]

Chris Birch - JoyStick Junkies.

Hermiore Le-way - JoyStick Junkies

Don Kirkland - Senior Developer at Climax

Kim Kaze - United Games

Will Jenkins - United Games

Grant Dean - Chair of BAFTA Interactive

Chris Deering - President of Sony Europe

Paulina Bozeck - Sony London Studio

Aleks Krotoski - Chicks'n'Joysticks

Barbara Lippe - Designer

DJ Wheat - Radio ITG

Tibi - Team All 4 One, Denmark

NissePigen - Team All 4 One, Denmark

Avallone Alessandro - PainKiller Silver Medallist

Samad "SamSam" Baism - Pro Evo 3 World Champion

Marcel "X-Side" Walke, Pro Evo 3 Silver Medallist

Magnus "Fox" Olsson, Quake 3 Arena Champion

Hugo Sterin -

Samuel Matthews - UK Quake 3 Captain

Deckland "The Chief" Reilly - Pro Tekken player.

Nicolaj Kristensen - The Titans Team Captain

CZM - Pro Quake Player

Tim Crammer - Vidojo

Tim Bland -

John Brennan - Namco Product Manager

Paul Arena - In2Games

Aaron Glacer - Gamer

James Beaven - Indigo Pearl

Andrew Mehta - United Games

Oliver Grey - United Games

Alex Colcombe - United Games

Developer - SCEE London Studio

Martyn Carroll - Editor of RetroGamer

Maurice Vallo - Gamer

Andy Brown - Console Passion

Keith Ainsworth - RetroGamer Fanzine

Archer Maclean - Awesome Development

Introducing "What's Next?"....

Three new handheld consoles are on the market - PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Gizmondo, and a new generation of home consoles loom - Xbox360, PlayStation3, and Nintendo's Revolution.

What's the thinking behind each machine?

Where is the industry going?

What are the issues driving it forwards?

What's next for consumers, and "What's Next for Computer and VideoGames"?

Featuring footage from over 10 industry trade shows, and interviews with over 69 members of the interactive entertainment industry, "What's Next? For Computer and VideoGames" is a unique hour long documentary on DVD, that can now be ordered from for only £5.99.

Looking at issues as diverse as convergence, new technology and innovation/new ideas, creativity, recruiting new talent, careers in gaming, homebrew, culture in games, gaming in culture, women in games, the future for e-sports, the arcade scene, next-gen consoles, graphics over gameplay, simple v.s. complex mobile and handheld games, and much more, this is a serious look at emerging trends, within the interactive entertainment industry.

Yet in addition, What's Next? is complemented by approx 8 hours of additional bonus content, spanning two DVDs, from industry press conferences, to game trailers, to hands-on with Xbox360, tech demos of PS3, and details of the Revolution's Controller!

You may have recently seen our exclusive Perfect Dark Zero footage:

Well, in addition, we have released a clip of the main documentary feature also,

which can be found on the home page of our website:

About "What's Next?":

What's Next is a DVD video production about the future of videogames. It consists of one movie length documentary, followed by extra additional bonus content on various new games and consoles that are emerging. The entire production spans two dual layered DVD discs (approx. 8 hours of content!).

More information can be found at:


x2 DVD9 discs, Region 0, PAL, 4:3 aspect ratio.

RRP: £5.99 / 8.99

About United Games:

United Games Media was founded in 2004, by Mr AJ Mehta and Mr ACE Okell, to commercialise the activities of United Games - previously a non-profit, fan-made magazine distributed at independent retailers.

United Games Media's first product is "What's Next?", a DVD video documentary on the future of gaming, presented by Kim Kaze.

United Games Media also encompasses United Games' Game eXtra Services, including VHS, DVD, Print, Advert Design, Web Design, and Content Licensing services. Previous clients include JoyStick Junkies, OPM Response, RetroCollector, Interactive Selection, R Muzik and Rowen Bridler.

Contact Details:


United Games Website:

Game-eXtra Website:

What's Next? Website:

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