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Industry heavyweight joins new start-up set to revolutionise game development.

Julian Davis leaves Kuju to take senior position with Geomerics.

7th December 2005. Cambridge, UK. Geomerics, an exciting new technology company founded earlier this year, today announced that Julian Davis will be joining as Chief Technology Officer. Davis has previously held the position of Technical Director at Kuju Entertainment for the past 6 years.

Julian Davis, who has been an active participant on the Microsoft Graphics and Xbox advisory boards, is highly regarded and brings a wealth of videogame industry knowledge and experience to Geomerics.

Davis enthused, "I am delighted to be joining Geomerics. I am confident that their technology will revolutionise the way that video games are made, and will offer substantial advantages and benefits to developers and publishers of next generation titles."

Dr Chris Doran, CEO of Geomerics added, "There is no doubt that Julian is an industry heavyweight and will be a valuable asset to us. We are truly excited to have him on board. It is early days but we are confident that our technology will cause quite a stir when unveiled."

Geomerics has utilized the power of 'geometric algebra' to provide exciting and innovative solutions to geometric problems in real time. This technology is poised to transform computer graphics in gaming, providing a major step-change improvement over the current state-of-the-art in terms of speed, achievable effects, and ease of programming.

Geomerics is an ANGLE Technology Progeny® Company

Geomerics has secured intellectual property in the field of geometric algebra. Geometric Algebra is a powerful new form of mathematics that vastly simplifies complex geometric calculations. Geometric Algebra has its origins in the rather esoteric academic discipline of theoretical cosmology, but it has now been developed for application in a wide variety of disparate commercial applications such as graphics in videogames. Geomerics' technology provides a major step-change improvement over the competition, and is set to revolutionise the market. Overall the market for computer games is currently worth more than $30bn and growing rapidly, and the market for graphics within these games is worth over $600m per year. For further information please contact:Alison Beasley, Lincoln Beasley PR.

T: 01608 645756 M: 07966 449130E:

Or visit the Geomerics website:

This new approach in applying geometric algebra has been developed by a group of four leading academics from the University of Cambridge: Professor Anthony Lasenby (Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology), Dr Mike Hobson (University Reader in Astrophysics), Dr Chris Doran (PPARC Enterprise Fellow) and Dr Joan Lasenby (Lecturer in Engineering). Geomerics has also engaged Professor David Hestenes of Arizona State University (the original inventor of geometric algebra) and Professor Alyn Rockwood of Colorado School of Mines (a geometric algebra and computer graphics expert) in an advisory capacity.

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