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Holla at the only Indie Game Magazine on the block! This indie-tastic issue features Monkeys, Zombies, Blueberries, Faeries and some cute Kittens. That's right! We Review Tales of Monkey Island, Blueberry Garden, Faerie Solitaire, Kitten Sanctuary and more in the September/October Issue. With over 16 Indie Games reviewed, this issue's the hot fire. Check it out and support the little guy.

Wilmington, DE – August 18, 2009 – The September/October Issue of the Indie Game Magazine hits news stands everywhere today. The Indie Game Mag is the only magazine focused on the creative and unique indie game community. You can get the magazine delivered to your mailbox in print form, download a PDF, Subscribe on Zinio or purchase the magazine via Amazon Kindle which works with the iPhone. Did I mention that digital subscribers have access to our entire back catalog of issues?

In Issue 6: we review 16 Indie Games including the IGF Grand Prize Winning Blueberry Garden, the incredibly addictive Faerie Solitaire, the humorous Tales of Monkey Island and sublime Plants vs. Zombies. We also rank 10 of the most recent indie games purely by their demo. Celebrate the end of IGM's first Season with Issue 6! Find out the number 1 game demo when 10 indie games faceoff in our round table demo reviews.

You can order subscriptions and single copies in either digital or print formats from the magazine’s website:

Support the little guy by reading reviews about the small independent games that the big game publishers don’t want you to know about. If you’re a game developer support IGM and others like you by submitting your very own game for review. You can also subscribe, write, advertise, link or submit news to the magazine. Help spread the word about the indie game community! We'll see you everyone at GDC Austin in September! We'll have 50 free issues to giveaway, so come holla at us!

About the Indie Game Mag

Based in Wilmington, DE, The Indie Game Mag is a small independent company with a passion for video games and specifically the indie game community. The magazine was started in October of 2008 and has grown to include more and more writers and passionate gamers. The Indie Game Mag strives to highlight the artists and community behind the most creative video games. For more information on the Indie Game Magazine, please visit the magazine’s homepage at We are always looking for passionate gamers to write and review indie games. For more information on advertising in the magazine or online please visit:



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