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Package of product evaluation and press release offered for $100.


Newly established Indie Developer Consulting are kick-starting their business by offering aspiring and established game / application developers potentially increased sales and product awareness by submitting their work-in-progress or completed game(s) and application(s) for evaluation in a campaign that focuses on original and innovative content.

Perhaps you are a developer with a game that is close to completion or at a playable stage? Or perhaps you are a developer with one or more games or applications that are completed, but lack of sales and marketing support have driven your product away from publisher and consumer interest? The kickoff campaign from Indie Developer Consulting includes a thorough evaluation of your product, followed by a press release to the industry press, hand-picked publishers, and consumers at large, exposing your product to the industry in general, should it qualify. Price? a flat rate fee of USD $100!

“Since the announcement of Indie Developer Consulting we have experienced an avalanche of emails from aspiring and established developers. What we offer in this campaign is an efficient and proven method of increasing awareness for incomplete projects towards investors and publishers, and potentially increased sales for finished products at a very fair and affordable fixed fee”, says Denise of Indie Developer Consulting.

To qualify in this new initiative and campaign a few requirements must be met: as a developer, you must have a game or application that is playable or complete. It doesn't matter if the game is for PC, game consoles, or handheld devices, but it must be creative, innovative and feature something that makes it stand out, from the perspective of the developer.

Denise continues: “The objective of Indie Developer Consulting is not to promote shovel-ware; We support aspiring individuals, independent developers, and also established developers with a strong portfolio. But, unless we feel the game or application has market potential, promoting it would not be beneficial to anyone”.

Developers interested in knowing more details about the campaign or wish to discuss specific games and applications are encouraged to contact: (iPhone games and applications) (PC & console games)

Indie Developer Consulting has NDAs readily available, but developers are most welcome to submit their own NDA before discussing opportunities should this be preferred. is still undergoing construction and in the interim more detailed BIOs and profiles of the management behind the company can be requested by contacting:

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