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Independent developer Reflexive Entertainment announces XBLA title Axiom Overdrive

Original Physics Based Action /Puzzle Game from the Award-Winning Wik: Fable of Souls team.

Lake Forest, CA - November 6, 2007 - Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. in conjunction with The Axiom Corporation proudly announces that the mining colony 'AF128' in orbit above Neutron Star PSR B1913+16 is now in full production.

With the mine in full production, The Axiom Corp. mining company is now preparing for a massive hiring program of O.T.F. pilots. Pilots in the employ of The Axiom Corporation immerse themselves in the kinetic world of the mining colony AF128. Inside the mine, pilots discover side-scrolling, omni-directional, 3D, physics-based job challenges that will push their piloting skills while dazzling their eyes.

The Axiom Corporation, in conjunction with Reflexive Entertainment, Inc., is known for it's innovation, and the mining colony on AF128 has been created to showcase our latest technological advances. We look forward to unveiling more information to the known universe about our mining colony on AF128, and our O.T.F. pilot employment program, in the near future.

To learn more about opportunities with The Axiom Corporation, please read the transmissions from AF128 as they are posted each week on www.axiomoverdrive.com.

About Reflexive Entertainment:

Having abandoned the world of contract for hire game development, Reflexive Entertainment develops, fully funds and publishes its own games for both PC and XBLA as an independent game studio. This approach has allowed Reflexive Entertainment the freedom to innovate such games as the twice awarded Downloadable Game of the Year Wik: Fable of Souls in addition to more casual affair such as the wildly popular Ricochet and Big Kahuna Reef series (with more than 20 million and 10 million downloads respectively). More information about Reflexive Entertainment can be found at http://www.reflexive-inc.com.

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