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Increase Your Margins With The SkipDR Disc Repair Device

For Immediate Release

The award winning disc repair device the SkipDoctor is fast becoming a cult product, saving treasured discs from an early grave by effectively repairing scratches and abrasions.

Everybody owns at least one damaged disc that is beyond restoration with a simple wipe of a cloth. The SkipDoctor, developed by a former NASA scientist and an expert consumer product engineer, restores any type of disc back to its former glory.

The SkipDoctor solves the problem of DVDs refusing to load or CDs skipping due to scratches and general wear and tear. The SkipDoctor is scientifically proven to resurface and restore any type of disc so that scratches and abrasions no longer hamper the users enjoyment of music, films, and games. The SkipDoctor is a device that no young professional can afford to be without in this technology driven age.

So exactly how does this groundbreaking gadget work? Essentially the SkipDoctor uses measured abrasion to buffer and even out the surface of the disc so that the refraction of the laser caused by the scratch is eliminated, and your disc doesn't skip anymore.

The simplicity of the device adds to its appeal, taking under a minute to restore any disc with minimal effort. The SkipDoctor comes supplied with an instruction booklet, environmentally friendly fluid, drying cloth, felt buffing square and vinyl pouch for easy storage. To repair a disc the user simply inserts it into the SkipDoctor, sprays the fluid onto the data surface and turns the handle until the disc makes one complete revolution (for more stubborn scratches further revolutions may be needed). The disc is then removed, wiped with the drying cloth and buffed with the felt square - easy!

The SkipDoctor is a worthwhile investment when you consider the cost of CDs, DVDs and games and how easily they become damaged.

Micro Mart: "These things are usually there to distract you from the obvious fact it doesn't deliver. I was therefore dumbstruck when it turns out this gizmo actually does what it claims and works extraordinarily well!"

The device retails at under £30, so simply by restoring just one game or two music CDs the SkipDoctor will immediately pay for itself, and will continue to do so over and over again with its unlimited lifespan. A motorised version of the SkipDoctor is also available for £54.99.The SkipDoctor is part of a range of disc care and maintenance accessories, including replacement resurfacing wheels and fluid.

The SkipDoctor was voted "Best Accessory" by the official Playstation Magazine in the US and Editors Choice in PC Plus magazine. It also won the prestigious Best Innovations Award at the CES trade show.

Pinpoint Consumer Electronics are the exclusive distributors of the SkipDoctor in the UK and Eire, and are launching a PR and marketing campaign across various channels including outdoor, print and web. Pinpoint plans to promote the SkipDoctor in a wide selection of publications through exciting competitions, redeemable vouchers and giveaways.

Contact Details

If you are interested in stocking the SkipDoctor or have any other enquiries regarding this or other products available from Pinpoint Consumer Electronics, please contact Heather Leech - PR/Marketing Executive:

Tel: 01606 558428 or email: heather@pinpointdigital.co.uk

Alternatively visit the Pinpoint website at www.pinpointce.co.uk

Pinpoint Consumer Electronics is part of the Pinpoint Group of Companies.

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