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In2Games to preview Real World Golf 2 at E3

LONDON, May 03, 2006: In2Games announces that it will preview Real World Golf 2, the sequel to the best-selling Real World Golf, at the E3 trade show in LA from 10th-12th May
Real World Golf 2 builds upon the huge success of the first title..still using the revolutionary Gametrak system to track your swing in real-time - no joysticks, just swing the club to play!

Key new features of the game provide detailed training and analysis to improve your game for real - like having a golf pro in your living room:

  • Swing Trainer System -analyses and displays your swing plane, giving expert advice on how you can improve your swing. Fine tune your game to develop the perfect swing!
  • Impact Analyser - shows exactly how you hit the ball. In-depth analysis of your club head as it comes through the ball showing the horizontal and vertical impact planes - see why the ball does what it does when you hit it!
  • Other new features include:
  • 15 exciting courses including the world famous Ryder Cup course, the Belfry.
  • Major new putting system - fully controllable putting, giving full control over the aiming and power, and taking green slope and speed into consideration.
  • Added depth and longevity of play - introduction of the Pro Shop to buy new golfing equipment.
  • New in-game dialogue from legendary commentator Peter Alliss as you play. Over five times as much dialogue as the first game.
  • The trophy cabinet - you are now awarded trophies for achieving key milestones in the game - from simple things such as scoring a hole under par to the major achievements such as hitting a hole in one, or winning a major tournament.
  • 15 Fully motion-captured playable characters
  • Greatly improved course rendering visuals and audio
  • New, detailed tutorials covering all aspects of golf.

In2Games has sold in excess of 300,000 Gametrak units to date, and expects Real World Golf 2 to be an even bigger success than the original.

Launch date: Q3 2006 (Europe), Q1 2007 (USA)
Platforms: PS2, PC

Real World Golf 2 will be showcased on the Mad Catz booth at E3. To arrange a meeting please contact Harry Holmwood ( tel: +44(0)7818 048961.

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