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In2Games signs distie deal for innovative PS2 fighting title

Hardware and software developer In2Games has announced that Big Ben Interactive will be handling the UK distribution, sales and marketing of its forthcoming PS2 fighting game and controller, Gametrak: Black Wind.

The first person beat 'em up title relies on the innovative GameTrak controller, which tracks the movement of your hands in full 3D and allows you to execute a range of moves in the game in a way which the developers say is completely intuitive.

"We are truly excited to have won the Gametrak account," according to Big Ben managing director Andrew Shephard. "This unique peripheral and AAA range of games represents a revolution in game immersion and playability, and will make Gametrak: Black Wind one of the 'must have' products of 2004."

The game and controller are due for release in the second half of this year, with further titles such as sports and adventure games utilising the unique 3D controller proposed for further down the line.

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