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In2Games previews Real World Golf TV campaign

For immediate release:

11 July 2005:

In2Games, the innovative games publisher and hardware manufacturer behind the award-winning Gametrak Direct Motion Capture system, today reveals details of its TV campaign for Real World Golf - the revolutionary golf game which tracks your moves in real time - no joysticks required - just swing to play.

The TV ad, which can be previewed at www.realworldgolf.com, will initially run over 3000 slots on UK television from 24 August and throughout September. It forms the basis of a heavyweight 3-month consumer marketing campaign, which includes extensive lifestyle press advertising with the likes of FHM, Loaded, Maxim, Golf Punk and Nuts.

Other marketing activity for Real World Golf includes live demos from August through November across the UK, extensive TV product placement and dozens of TV, print and radio competitions.

"Real World Golf represents a breakthrough for golfers and gamers alike," commented Harry Holmwood, Director of In2Games. "We're really excited to be getting behind such a fantastic product with a truly heavyweight marketing campaign."

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Screenshots, photos etc available at http://www.in2games.uk.com/testsite/?modules.php?op=modload&name=gallery

Real World Golf details:

Publisher: In2Games

Developer: Aqua Pacific

Formats: PS2/PC

Release Date: August 26th (PS2), September (PC)

SRP: £29.99 (Real World Golf) £19.99 (Gametrak system)

Distributor: Mad Catz 01908 255525

About In2Games

In2Games is dedicated to creating new and exciting gaming experiences through the creative combination of hardware and software. The company was started in 2000 by Elliott Myers, formerly Development Manager at Leda Media Products, creators of the Gamester brand, the largest third-party peripherals manufacturer in Europe. The team has a long history in innovative games hardware design and manufacture, including the creation, for Konami, of the BeatMania DJ controller and their own dance mat. In2Games now combines the team's expertise in hardware design and manufacture with leading-edge software development, resulting in a new range of console and PC products offering gamers brand-new experiences.

About Gametrak

Gametrak is a revolutionary 3D motion sensing controller which gives users precise and intuitive control in 3D space - unlike camera technologies, Gametrak allows movement forwards and backwards as well as up, down, left and right, and does all this without any time delay or processor overhead. Instead of a complex and intimidating series of buttons and joysticks; fighting games enable users to physically punch opponents using boxing gloves; sports games will users to pick up and play using real golf clubs or tennis rackets; adventure games will become totally immersive as users are able to manipulate 'virtual' onscreen objects with their hands.

The first Gametrak title, Dark Wind, launched on PS2 in October 2004, winning awards such as Leipzig Games Convention's 'Best Of Show'. Real World Golf represents a milestone in sports gaming, freeing users from the confusion of joysticks and buttons, and allowing them to play a real game of golf. Future Gametrak titles include basketball, bowling, party games, shooting, skiing, tennis, basketball, football, action and adventure titles, for current and future games formats.

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