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In2Games announces "fully immersive" 3D controller

Hardware and software specialist In2Games has announced its first PS2 product - a controller called Gametrak which claims to offer "fully immersive 3D interaction" with an innovative new fighting game called Black Wind.

The device, which looks a bit like, er, half a Tie Fighter actually, tracks the motion of the users hands and translates them into onscreen movement - allowing you to punch, slap, block or even delicately manipulate objects on screen.

Black Wind, developed by UK studio Atomic Planet Development, focuses more on the whole punching and slapping aspect of it than the delicate manipulation, being a first-person beat 'em up in which your task is to pummel a variety of enemies into submission.

The game will be bundled with the Gametrak controller when they appear in the second half of 2004, and In2Games expects to support the peripheral further with a variety of sports and even adventure titles which utilise its unique abilities.

Next year's answer to the Eye Toy, perhaps?

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