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In2Games acquisition

Gametrak motion-sensing controller maker picked up by accessories outfit PDP.

For Immediate Release:

September 16, 2008

Los Angeles - Performance Designed Products (PDP) announced today that it has acquired In2Games, a British and Hong Kong-based developer of motion sensing gaming technology.

In2Games is the creator of Gametrak Freedom, a remarkable ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology which delivers performance, control and flexibility far in excess of that offered by existing technologies.

Gametrak Freedom can be used with the PlayStation®3 and Xbox®360 consoles, and features proprietary and cutting-edge patent-pending ultrasonic technology to provide a true motion capture gaming experience. Unlike other motion sensing gaming systems, Gametrak Freedom accurately tracks the true 3D position and precise movements of up to four players, anywhere within a given environment, giving total control and unrivalled game play opportunities.

“Until now, gaming has been limited to the player interacting with the game although platforms such as the Wii have heightened this experience. Now, with the latest motion sensing technology created by In2Games, the game will interact with the player” says Chris Richards, President and CEO for the California-based PDP. “We are extremely excited to bring this unparalleled technology to 1st Party console manufacturers, as well as 3rd Party Publishers and Developers to further heighten the level of game interaction with the player.”

Plans are set for a 2009 launch of Gametrak Freedom’s latest technology featuring the fun-filled title Squeeballs. For more information on Squeeballs check out www.Squeeballs.com.

“We are planning a coordinated launch with other titles from participating publishers and developers that will position PDP’s Gametrak Freedom technology as the standard for the industry,” said John Moore, Vice President of Marketing for PDP.



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